Can´t change IP Adress of GS1910-24

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after activating DHCP for my GS1910-24 to abtain the IP from the router, I cannot switch back to manual IP anymore. The "input fields" in the management section (Configuration->System->IP) are just gone.

This is how it should look  (manual)

This is how it actually looks:

Has anyone a idea how to get that fixed ?



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    As I know, you need to uncheck the "Enable" then input the static IP address in the IPv4 address field and "Apply". 
    It should solve the problem.

  • Burdarper
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    wow Thanks  , this was the solution.

    As so often with Zyxel products, I find the name of the options very questionable.

    !! You simply do not disable the LAN card you are connected to. !!
    Thats the way this option can be understood.
    Why does Zyxel express it ambiguously ?

    I can not understand why they do not choose the terms in a clear und misunderstandable way.

    This also applies to VLAN Management on this switch, which is artificially made really awkward

    Thank you for your answer!