ZYXEL GS192024HP no GBit LAN Support!?

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Hello, I bought the ZYXEL GS192024HP.

Have the problem that all my devices are powered up to a PC only with 100Mbit LAN.
Really all that has a PC 1Gbit.
I setting for the ports is 1000 M car.
Have all port set to 1000M Fix.
Big mistake!!!!! all my devices were no longer recognized by the switch only as I said a PC has recognized the switch.
I came up with no device on the switch up because all my devices only got 100Mbit from the switch. So I tried z.b. a laptop with the network card to fix the interface to 1Gbit, too, unfortunately, was not. I had to reset the switch.

What am I doing wrong or what makes a PC right that he is the only one of the switch is recognized as a 1Gbit LAN?

MfG Lehmi


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