Redirect ESP traffic to host behind ZyWALL USG 100

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I have a host behind ZyWALL USG 100 on which I have to redirect ESP protocol also port 4500 and 500, this host will act as a end-point VPN IPsec site2site, based on the constraint, we dont want to setup this VPN directly on ZyWALL USG 100 but on this host behind ZyWALL USG 100.

I have already redirect 4500 and 500 ports from external to that host, but I don't see how to redirect ESP protocol that is not a TCP or UDP protocol with port numuber.

Thanks for your help and ideas


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    You can use policy route to forward ESP packets for specific hosts
  • sambill
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    Thank you for your reply, can you point me how to do that ?


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