What's next step after opening VPN tunnel?

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Hello Anyone,

Maybe it's a silly question, but I never used VPN connection.
I'd like to connect "travelling employees" to the local network (domain) of my small business office.
I establised the client-to-site Tunnel (IPSec, IKEv1) to the USG20-VPN device, everything is fine, all lights are green, VPN is "open" (with ZyWALL IPSecVPN Client software).
Now what? How can I access shared forlders, local machines...etc. on the site network?
On site, normally I have to sign in the Domain with username and password. Where can I make this identification process using the VPN at home, to browse the office LAN? Do I need other software for it (built-in Windows for examle)? And how?
(using ZyXEL USG20-VPN firewall, Windows Server 2016 DC, Win10 clients)

Thank you in advance.



  • The solution came from the "Biz Forum". Ian31's answere:

    "The key is the DNS server settings of VPN client.
    Windows Domain related services is based on DNS resolve.
    So you need add your domain to DNS Suffix & add DNS server IP(usually the IP of DC) into the
    VPN client.

    Then using \\xxx.dns domain\sharefolder\  to access the shared folder in site."

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