zyxel 110 and ddwrt access point

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Hi guys, hier is the problem that cant solve. I have zyxel 110 as a firewall/gateway with l2tp sever with internal ip Behind zyxel is ddwrt access point with 12 lan devices connected to it. Wan ip of wrt router is Lan Ip of it is If i trying toconnecting to lan throuhg zyxel it doesnt work. I just connected to zyxel. Lan devices are not reachable. Wrt firewall is off.  Does anybody plz tell me what im doing wrong, how to get lan devices reachable. Thanks in advanc.


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    Are you trying to connect ddwrt lan devices(192.168.222.x) or what? If so, what you should configure is on the ddwrt. You have to configure the port mapping (or something like that) feature on the ddwrt to forward the traffic to the ddwrt lan. 
    By the way, there seems to have double nat implementation in your network which is usually not suggested. Double nat scenarios sometimes will lead to unexpected networking problems

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