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I have a USG60W that is acting strange with SSH traffic. It is my understanding by default the firewall will allow all outbound traffic on all ports. All other traffic to the Internet appears to be working, WWWW and HTTPS for example, just not SSH. I have a backup device behind the firewall that uses SSH to upload local backups to offsite servers. However these uploads are failing and I can't even SSH to some other remote devices. I can SSH directly into the USG60W though. I tried creating an explicit firewall rule to allow SSH traffic from LAN2 to WAN for any IP address to any destination and I can see the rule is getting applied to outbound SSH traffic. I also created another explicit policy allowing SSH traffic from WAN to LAN2 but it isn't logging any matching traffic. Any ideas as to what could be happening?


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    Since the backup device is behind USG60W, if you want to remote access is backup device, NAT rule need to be created. Select Virtual server, Incoming interface: wan1, External IP:(wan1 IP),Interface IP: Backup device IP, press ok.

    Another thing to see it is firewall block ssh traffic or not, try to disable firewall and upload the backup to offsite servers.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. After further investigation I believe the issue is with the ISP in this case as bypassing the firewall yielded the same results.

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