USG60 - Getting 2 subnets to talk to each other

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I've attached a Visio diagram of my issue but here's the wordy version;

I have a ZyXEL USG60 behind my ISP gateway that is setup for a /29 block (8xIP) of public IP addresses.

I have setup a br1 bridge interface on the USG60 that contains WAN1 and LAN1. The br1 bridge interface allows me to deliver a public, static IP to the external interface of the Google WiFi, which creates a NAT subnet to 192.168.30.XXX.

In LAN2 I have my HOMELAB subnet which is on the NAT subnet of, delivered by the USG60.

Devices on the HOMELAB subnet (20.x) are unable to talk/ping/communicate with devices on the GWiFi subnet (

What further configuration must be done to allow these two subnets to communicate?




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    For my point of view, the set Google wifi in bridge mode, and USG in NAT router. Therefore, you can let wifi clients communicate with Lan2 client via routing.
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    Unfortunately @sjeremylin if I put the Google WiFi in bridge mode, I'm unable to use the guest network feature. 

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