After installing 3 x GS1200-8 I can not access some devices. Is there a special setup necessary?

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Last week I bought 3 x GS1200-8 to renew my network.
The 3 GS1200-8 are installed at a FritzBox 7490 Lan Port 1 ... 3. I'm using mostly Mac devices. One of my NAS WD myCloud Mirror and the Mac Mini can not be accessed in the network properly. Both are not showing up in the MacOS finder.
When I try to connect to the NAS via web interface it is only possible with the IP address but not with the alias.
All other NAS (Synology Disk Station + an other WD myCloud Mirror), other Macs, printers and so on are showing up in the finder. I could not find anything in the switch setup what helps.
When I change the switches back to Netgear everything works fine...
How can I solve the problem with the new switches?


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  • DirkB
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    Problem solved. Bought some smart TP-Link switches  :-(
    Network is working as usual with plug and play...


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  • Mel
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    What is the firmware version of GS1200-8?
    Can you share your network topology? How's the connection with GS1200-8?
    Do you configure any VLAN setting or any setting on GS1200-8?
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  • DirkB
    DirkB Posts: 4  Freshman Member
    the firmware version is V1.00(ABME.4)C0 (I installed the newest one at all 3 switches).

    Router FritzBox 4790 (Firmware 07.01) with 4 x 1GB lan ports
    Lan 1: Switch GS1200-8 with NAS Synology DiskStation (access ok), WD myCloud Mirror (Firmware 2.31.149 - no access), WD myCloud Mirror (Firmware 2.11.178 - access ok) + other devices (access ok)
    Lan 2: Switch GS1200-8 with MacMini server (OSX 10.13.6, no access), iMac (OSX 10.14.3, access ok) + other devices
    Lan 3: Switch GS1200-8 with printer + MacBook (access ok)
    Lan 4: TV (access ok)

    I used the original setup (no VLAN). The only adoption I made was to change the IP to connect to the Zyxel web interface (fitting into my network).

  • Mel
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    It's strange, only WD myCloud Mirror and MacMini server cannot access via the alias.
    Does it in the same network? Any IP and alias information? Where is the client device you connected to access WD myCloud Mirror and MacMini server?

    Replaced TP-Link switches, all works properly? Curious its model name ...
  • DirkB
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    It is in the same network. I made no changes, only the switches.... It looks if be the basic setup of the Zyxel switches is somehow different. But I can not test anymore, the Zyxel switches are gone... Thanks for your interest!