vlan between 2 gs1200

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hi everyone. I bought 2 switches to divide my physical LAN into 2 logical lan. I linked all 1 port to my router (so to have internet service) then I linked 4 pc for part (modified VLAN 1 with port 1 "tag egress member" and port -orange - and port 2&3 untag - green- and vlan 2 with port 1 orange and 4&5 green. Pc inside vlan 1 can access on the internet but the pc inside the vlan 2 no. what i wrong? (i tried to select port 1 of vlan 2 as untag - green - and exclude - grey) but it can run.... 



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    What is your purpose?
    What is your GS1200 firmware version?
    What is the connection of your network topology?
    Is possible to share the screenshots of VLAN setting for more clear understand?