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If I have a WAN with DHCP (single ip) and a DynDNS running and want to have a http server on Lan2 that everyone can access from internet, can I do that with a USG 110? if so..., can anyone please explain how ;-)

Br Matias


  • MrM
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    If I am able to get one static IP from the ISP is the possible to do this NAT?
    How can I get ride off this Zyxel login screen on the WAN interface and get my http server there instead? any hints?
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    Hello MrM,
    If you want everyone can remote access to the local server, you need to configure NAT rule to redirect session. Please check below example as your reference.
    Remote clients-----(Wan1)USG(Lan1)------Server(port 80)
    Configure NAT rule and create the policy rule to allow wan to lan with port 80 on USG.
    Add Nat rule and create the policy to allow wan to lan with port 80

    Note: if you want to access USG for configuration, please type "https://" with you public IP address or your "DDNS:443".
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