Connecting USG 110 to private VPN service?? Anyone successfully done it?

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Hi all,

Desperately trying to get this working. I have two private VPN accounts. One with VyprVPN by Golden Frog and another with NordVPN. NordVPN support says the router must support OpenVPN which ZyXEL doesn't but VyprVPN supports PPTP and L2TP which ZyXEL does. So I'm trying to get it working with VyprVPN using L2TP.

ZyXEL telephone support, although pleasant, wasn't a great deal of help. They don't seem to know if it's possible or not. I effectively want the router to act as the client and connect up to the private VPN server using L2TP. Then I want to set it up so that all WAN traffic it routed down the VPN connection. VyprVPN doesn't have specific instructions for the USG 110 or anything ZyXEL and can't say if it's possible but they have provided me with a list of protocols and ports that I can use. And they have also provided me with the L2TP certificate.

Has anyone done anything similar? Doesn't have to be specific with VyprVPN. Just anyone who has set up any private VPN connection using L2TP would be helpful to find out what you did in the config to get it working.

Thanks in advance.



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    Hi @fsociety

    I have no account of VPN server. But I should found PPTP/L2TP configuration on USG.
    You can try: Go to Configuration -> Object -> ISP account and create an account.
    You can select PPTP or L2TP protocol.

    And then apply it to PPP interface.(Configuration -> Network -> Interface ->PPP)

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