WiFi with WAC6503d-s and WAC6502d-s AP's

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For some reason I have a bad WiFi experience with the default configuration on the 2 AP's mentioned in the subject. I include a picture, which is not to scale, but it represent the ground floor and first floor, to give you an idea of 1. the WiFi setup 2. the issues with it.
On the ground floor, there is acceptable WiFi in the kitchen and the living room, no WiFi gets outside (my guess is that the glass is having UV protection or something similar that blocks the WiFi.
In the office the WiFi gets worse and worse.
On the first floor we have AP2 situated in the 2nd bedroom, the WiFi in the master bedroom is very weak.

We experience that the WiFi connection is still active, but then the internet is gone, or that the WiFi connection is dropped and if the device can get to 4G it switch to that.

I understand the WAC650x serie is not really for home usage and is more for many connections, like in a classroom, or in a company, where you install the device in sight, but ok, I did not suspect that the usage in my home-office would be that bad.

I configured them to use DCS which works fine, it finds a good channel to work with. I do think they interfere a little, for example the office is just in the middle of the AP01 and AP02.

We have a router from the ISP in the "server room", that is a consumer router/ap and blast the WiFi signal across the house, but it surprise me that the receive signal is also stronger, so I have a better WiFi coverage with just the single ISP router/ap, than I do with the 2 WAC650x.

Maybe the Zyxel Ap's are not really suitable for the home usage I expect from it, maybe I should take another WiFi product from Zyxel? I have a USG110 firewall router and Zyxel switches, so I prefer to stick with Zyxel products really.

The WiFi experience and troubles with the 2 AP's are just getting frustrating and I know it will not get much better, even if we change some of the configuration.

Can you advise me what to do?

Thank you!


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