Zyxel USG110 maxing out at approx 600 Mbit/s

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The USG110 seems to max out it's WAN speed at around 600Mbit/s when I run a speedtest towards my ISP. This is a bit far from the 1Gb/s I expected from this device. I haven't even configured any IDP services. Are anyone else experiencing so 'slow' speeds?


  • Mark_Zyxel
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    Dear @mrwee ,
    I do not think this is quit slow..  You can find in the datasheet throughput stats without any services active.  (1600 Mbps) I want to remind you that this is a lab test based on UDP packets.. As you know normal internet traffic is UDP and TCP traffic, this value is not actual what you will get on normal usage. Take 1/3 of this value and you will have an actual value to hold on to.. so 1600/3= 533Mpbs.. That in my eyes is normal throughput for this device


  • mrwee
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    Hi Mark.
    Thanks for you reply.
    In that case I get the speed that I should. I might go and see if I can find a similar grade product with more throughput then. Alternatively a bigger USG. It seems like waste of unused bandwidth right now..

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