How can I make the NWA1123-AC web configurator display properly with Firefox or Chrome?

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I just upgraded the firmware on my NWA1123-AC to V2.12 from V2.11 hoping it would solve the web interface problem I have, but it didn't.  Whenever I want to make changes I have to drag out an old Windows 7 laptop with Internet Explorer so that the screens in the configurator will be displayed properly.  I use linux and neither Firefox nor Chrome work properly with the web configurator. With both, a lot of the descriptive text is not displayed. The check boxes, radio buttons, text boxes, etc are displayed, but the descriptive text for these items is missing. In the picture below there should be descriptive text for all the items in the Advanced Settings section.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?


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    Hi @Sourface

    The workaround way is to use IE browser for this problem as you know, actually it will not have any further firmware version for this legacy AP.

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