Bandwidth limiter for UAG4100

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I've been using a Zyxel G-4100vs router with my campground wifi system, for over 10 years now..  I love it, 'cause it's so simple to set up and operate.  It also has the ability to restrict the bandwidth per customer, which I use, because via Xplornet I'm limited to 100GB per month-- otherwise I pay a high over use..  Thus, speeds of 1.2 or 1.5 kbs are quite satisafactory for what my guests require.  .  Recently, I purchased a UAG4100 and printer..  I'm totally lost.. This format is so high tech, I think I need an Einstein to connect it; consequently, I purchased another used G4100 online, as a backup..    Anyways..  Does the UAG4100 offer bandwidth limitation?  I could not find it, when I attempted to instal this newer system..


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    The bandwidth limitation related settings can be found in BWM (Bandwidth Management) function. Where you are able to manipulate how your bandwidth will be arranged

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