gs1900-8hp can´t activate DHCP

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hello Guys,

I try to activate DHCP in the settings of my GS1900-8HP

but after having chosen DHCP and pushing the button apply I cant access the system above the ip:

I need to restart the GS19... manually to get access again.
But the IPv4 is still static

can anybody help me?

Greetz philipp


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    Because you change GS1900's ip to DHCP and it should get the new ip address from DHCP server then you will not be able to login via ip address.

    Since switch was not saved the configuration that is why you can use to access after GS1900 rebooted.

    I suggest that you can download the ZON Utility to modify GS1900 ip and it also can detect the new ip address.

    Here is the download link page:

    Enjoy it!