Trunking port on GS1200-5/GS1200-8?

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I want to connect a GS1900-24E to GS1200-5 and GS1200-8. Each of the later two could only be connected with one cable.

I also want to have 2 VLANs on all three switches.

As far as I understand the GS1900-24E has the ability to define trunking ports to connect other switches.
I cannot find this in the GS1200 manual.

Should I buy the GS1900-8 instead??

Thank you very much,


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  • KevinZE
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    As I know, GS1200 series cannot set trunking port.
    May I know the purpose of it?
  • bill1970
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    Since you have 2 VLANs only. Just set those 2 VLAN in GS1200, and mark the port you are going to use as tagged egress port. That shall work for you.
  • zebra1220
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    First all Thnk you very much for your kind responses! :)

    I show you what I want to achieve.

    I have my home office in the basement. There I need the 24 port switch next to the router.

    The AVM router can deliver besides Internet (default) 192.168.168.* on ports 1-3 a special guest network 192.168.179.* on port 4.

    I have read blog posts where people connected port 1 from the router to VLAN1 and port 4 guest network to VLAN 100 on the main switch (the GS1900-24E in my case).

    The other two switches are on groundfloor and upper floor of my house.
    As mentioned earlier: I only have 1 cable from main switch to the switch on the groundfloor, and also one cable running from main switch to upper floor switch.

    In each floor there should be one Unifi Access Point with standard WIFI and a guest WIFI.
    The Unifi Access Points can match VLAN 100 to its guest WIFI.

    So the final configuration I need consists of:

    On main switch GS1900-24E:
    Ports 1-17 VLAN 1, connecting port 1 to router port 1
    Ports 18-21 VLAN 100, connecting port 18 to router port 4 (guest network)
    Port 22 trunk to Switch GS1200-8 on groundfloor
    Port 23 trunk to  Switch GS1200-5 on upper floor
    Port 24 trunk to Unifi Access Point

    On groundfloor switch GS1200-8:
    Port 1 trunk to Main switch
    Port 2 should be VLAN 1
    Port 3-7 should be VLAN 100
    Port 8 trunk to Unifi Access Point

    On the upper floor switch GS1200-5:
    Port 1 trunk to Main switch
    Port 2-3 should be VLAN 1
    Port 4 should be VLAN 100
    Port 5 trunk to Unifi Access Point

    Besides some basic network knowledge I have never dealt with VLANs and the GS1200-5 web interface is not really intuitive for me.

    So I am really thankful for any advice that points me into the right direction.

    Please forgive I am not an English speaker, so my English might not be polished either.

  • KevinZE
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    maybe you can try to config the GS1200 as below setting.


  • zebra1220
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    Thanks KevinZE for your help.

    What works now is the following - I also made a little change in the config:

    On main switch GS1900-24E:
    VLAN1 Port 1-17
    VLAN100 Port 18-21
    Trunk Port 22-24

    On groundfloor switch GS1200-8:
    VLAN1 Port 1
    VLAN100 Port 2-6
    Trunk Port 7-8

    On upper floor switch GS1200-5:
    VLAN1 Port 1-2
    VLAN100 Port 3
    Trunk Port 4-5

    I am still testing this and I did not have the time to setup the Unifi Access Points.

    Comments appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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