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My issue:
I manage an apartment building in which the network systems were setup prior to me being here. The zyxel 1910-24 was working fine, but I had no reason to access it, which I was left no info at all on any of the IT stuff. 

A thief ripped out our router. Now that I have replaced the router, the switch is not accessible. I need to be able to log in to it to reset it or tie it to the new router that it will run through/from. 

I know this switch is older, but was working just fine. I dont want to replace it if I can just access the admin panel and fire it back up. its all still wired and set up and was not touched during the break in. 

 I saw in other forum posts someone directed to the zon utility download to access the admin portal on a switch that otherwise currently cant be accessed via web portal. I did not see a download though for the 1910?

Any help?


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    Hi @blueprintcapital

    Unfortunately older switch models like GS1910 series cannot support the ZON utility.
    As for your issue, the solution depends on your situation.

    Situation 1. You have user account/password but don't know the management IP address of the switch.
    To find out the management IP address, prepare a RS232 to USB console cable to access switch's CLI and type commands below depending on your firmware version.
    For software V1.00 : type command "ip" > "configuration"

    For software V2.00 : type command "show ip interface brief"

    Situation 2. You don't know any user account/password/IP address info of the switch.
    Prepare a RS232 to USB console cable, and follow steps in the attachment page.61 "How to Reset the Switch via the console port" to reset your GS1910 to factory default. You can then access the CLI via console with default credential admin/1234.

    Hopefully it helps.


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    Thank you. I will give this a shot.