USG60W - CLI Number: 39 - Warning Number: 4 - Warning Message: 'Attribute name not complete'

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Hi ZYXEL Support, and community :)
since two days, i get a error message and have no idea if this message crash the running config at the next reboot, until the new firmware 4.30 is released :anguished:

the Error message

is displayed when i switch from one of the other options to the dashboard.

All other option menues are working fine. Only when i jump e.g. from the configuration menue to the dashboard.
Any idea, what this error mean? or is there a part of the CFG, where i can check it ?

Best regards


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    Hello Christian,
    For this case,
    I will pm you the firmware which can solve this issue.
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    Recently I have gotten the same error. But my CLI error number is 37.
    I see that our FW (USG 60) version is quite old too.. (V4.15(AAKY.2)beta)
    I suspect we need to update version..

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    The warning the message has resolved in new firmware.

    Please upgrade your firmware to latest one.


    Upgrade process:

    4.15 > 4.20 AAKY.2 > 4.25 AAKY.1 > 4.32 AAKY.0

    I will send you download link by private message.

    Share yours now!


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