USG-20 connecting to a range extender

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Can you help? My employer wants me to install a USG20 and put my work stuff behind the firewall. I have both netgear and ASUS repeaters that connect to the wifi router. In theory they will deliver an internet connection over an ethernet cable. However, I cannot seem to get computers attached to the Zyxel to the internet. Anyone know what I need to do?  Thanks, Gerard



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    Hello @ConfusedGerard,

    there is a big difference between repeaters and access points.

    You should prefer access points, as they do have an ethernet cable upling to your network, ensuring more network stability.

    Repeaters do usually not have a LAN port and need an already existing WiFi to repeat it.

    When the USG is on default, the access points should get IP addresses from the USG DHCP server. Maybe you need to check the port roles which LAN subnets and firewall zones you have assigned to the physical ports


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