Can't establish VPN-connection Win10<->USG60W

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I recently installed a USG60W and now fail to setup VPN correctly.
My goal is to allow tunneling into the LAN via VPN using Windows 10's built-in VPN client.

The firewall is behind the modem given to me by my ISP:
185.50.xx.yy (WAN) - A1 WLAN Box ADB VV2220 - (DMZ) (WAN1) - ZyXEL USG60W - (LAN1)

When trying to connect, Windows says:

While the firewall's log says:

It seems to me, it's repeatedly rekeying (whatever that means):

VPN connection and gateway were created by the quick setup wizard and are configured as follows:

Does anyone know, what the problem might be or how to solve it?

I appreciate any kind of help!


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