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good morning,

bought a USG210, official this type isn't for wall mounting.

but are there some people here, that mount a USG210 to a wall already? 

i want to mount it vertical to the wall,(with custom made clips ) around the USG210 there is enough  airflow.

I have a USG60 and noticed this type doesn't get hot, when wall mounted, If this is also with the USG210 then i think wall mounting isn't a problem.

kind regards,

Jarno Smits


  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    Hello Jarno Smits,
    For the USG210, we suggest it should place on the table or rack(the original design), however, I think USG210 can be mounted on the wall if you keep enough airflow for ventilation hole of device, 
  • Jarno_Smits
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    Hi Charlie,

    Thank you for the answer, i,m gonna try the wall mounting and monitoring the temperture, there is enough airflow at the ventilation hole.
  • Jarno_Smits
    Jarno_Smits Posts: 15  Freshman Member
    Hi Charlie,

    Some feedback.

    Zywall is working for a month now, wall mounted, it works without a problem, temperature is ok.

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