hi, trying to set up NWA1123 -ACv2 no connection, blinking amber and green

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attempting to set up AP, when power is connected continually blink amber and green.  what am I doing wrong?

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    The blinking LED means AP is trying to discover our Nebula Controller Center(even after finishing booting up), so don't worry about the LED status. AP still allows user to access it's Web GUI for set up configurations.

    For easy setup, I recommend you to use our utility "ZON" to access the AP's web GUI.
    Just simply connect your PC/Laptop to AP's port, and run the utility, you'll see your AP got scanned and listed. Then you can keep configuring your devices either on the utility directly or through the Web GUI.

    (Download Link: https://www.zyxel.com/products_services/Zyxel-ONE-Network-Utility-ZON-Utility/)

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