USG-20W Web-interface connection failed.

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I have personal device - Zyxel Zywall USG-20W, since i use Windows 10 i can't connect to it via web-interface (to local IP, different browsers write me different errors, for example: "Chrome": ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED, "Edge" and "IE": Old TLS protocol used. As far as i understant web-inteface use SSL 2.0 connection which Windows 10 don't support anymore? How i can connect to web-interface of my device in my situation? Or i need OS with SSL 2.0 support (Windows 8.1)? Thank you!


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    I can access to usg without any issue. (Using windows 10)
    I think you can try to follow the troubleshoot from chrome helper.
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    No, no any chance to get into device via web without SSL 2.0 browser support, i build a VM to get old Internet Explorer (11.0.9600.17416) with SSL 2.0 support and login into. So, question number two! My device is ZyWALL USG 20W (Not 20W-VPN) firmware last (3.30(BDR.9) from 2016-11-22 10:05:22 and boot module 1.14), is my device have Wi-Fi KRACK issue? There is no any firmware updates to me and no any info about issue.
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    I rember Zyxel has some unofficial release firmware for the old USG model.
    Which support the new TLS protocol.

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    For your case,
    the Firmware: 330BDR9ITS-WK48-r74988 can support TLS 1.2 protocol, therefore, I will private message the firmware to you.
    Moreover, the Zywall USG Series will not be affected by the issue of Wi-Fi KRACK(Immune).
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    Yep! Firmware loaded and work, but web login situation are the same, it don't work, browsers write me what i "Can't safely connect to this page". Maybe i need change some device setting? I look in "Configuration -> System -> WWW" But no any major setting about this, all by default and all looks pretty right! I can login from Windows 8.1 but can't from Windows 10. :-(
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    Maybe you can check the certificate of USG20 is SHA2 signature or not.
    If it not, then generate a SHA2 certificate and change certificate to this one.

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    I generate new Certificate with device web-interface, then set it by default, no any changes, login from Windows 10 don't work. I think this device out of date. Finish at this point, thank you! :-)

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