GS1900 & GS1920 Web interface refreshes with wrong IP.

Troyb Posts: 1  Freshman Member
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We have 15 or so GS1900/1920 switches deployed that are all on internal private addresses. We have port forwards setup on the firewalls that are restricted access to specific IP addresses on the outside that can connect to them. What we are seeing is that after being connected to these switches for a couple minutes, they do a page refresh but refresh to the private IP. Is there something that is set wrong or is this a bug in the code that does the page updates?

An example of this would be that I connect to public IP on port 11000 with a web browser and login. After a couple minutes, the page will try and refresh the browser to IP

We are running version 2.30(AAHM.0) on the 1900 units and I believe the 1920 are running the latest version as well.

Any help or ideas people can provide would be greatly appreciated.