USG110 - failed SecuExtender Download since update to 4.30



  • My firmware version is: V4.32(ABAR.0) / 2018-07-12 17:15:06 on the USG20W-VPN
    I get a slighty different messages every day:
    Win SecuExtender version is latest<br>Mac SecuExtender version 1.1.3 is latest
    and its flooding my logs day after day. Maybe its not a bug and i just oversaw something? What does this message mean and how can i "fix" this? I do not find any settings for "updating" the server side SecuExtender Module in case something like this even exists?!

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    Hi @rootmin,


    The SecuExtender version information in the log is incorrect.

    We already identified the issue, so we will fix the issue in the future release.

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