Configure OPT Port as Backup WAN link - USG40

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Hello, I'm new to Zyxel and the community, hopefully someone can help me out.

I have a USG40 and 2 ISP. The link connected to my WAN port is working fine, no problems.

I'd like to know if I can make my OPT port work as 2nd WAN for my other ISP link. Basically, what I want to do is have all LAN to WAN traffic go through WAN2 (which would be the OPT port), and WAN1 would work as a backup link in case WAN2 goes down.

Also, I have a a setup that all my RDP connections from LAN to WAN, should use the WAN1 link. So, basically it'd be like this:

LAN to WAN internet browsing traffic - Use WAN2 (OPT port), and have WAN1 as a backup in case WAN2 goes down - How do I make this work?

Thanks for the help!


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    Hello Josias_MaiaTI,
    You need to create three profiles on policy route to fulfill your requirement.
    Go to Configuration>Network>Routing>Policy route>ADD
    Select RDP service, and Choose Interface (wan1) on Next-Hop

    Create another profile on routing
    Select Interface (OPT) and enable "Disable policy route automatically while Interface link down"

    Also, create the last profile to let all traffic go through Wan1

    You need to confirm the sequence of profile is like below picture to make sure the traffic go through correct wan interface.


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