Anyone have performance issues with a NWA1123AC HD

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I purchased the AP to replace a Asus router but am getting worse performance from the AP. Ran speed tests from the port the AP is plugged into using the same cable that was connected to the access point got 340Mbps on and Getting 310 from the asus router. Max I can get from The zyxel is 200Mbps,  my IPad is connecting to the Zyxel at 975TX 526RX so would expect to achieve at least the same as the Asus.

Any ideas anyone?


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  • lodiabai
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    Did the channel of two APs the same when you did the test? Did you check the connection RSSI of the station on the AP? Is there any specific setting you configured on the NWA1123-AC HD?
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    Hi @Antman ,
    The NWA1123-AC HD performance should be better than your test result. So, would you PM the configuration and the logs to me? We'll help to check the details.