GS1900-16 and LACP - Active or Passive?

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Within the link aggregation configuration on the GS1900-16 switch there is a type setting with an option for either "Static or LACP" for the LAG port.

If the LACP option is selected, it this using active or passive LACP?

Is the static setting for failover?

The manual really does not explain the details of these setting options.

Thank you for clarifying.


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    Hi @MyLittleHomeNet

    For starters, GS1900 series's LACP is active mode by default.

    You can think of static LAG as a "logical port group" (hardware aspect), and LACP is software negotiation over the LAG link.
    When LACP nego fails, the link status will change to down (blocking), hence no LAG link either.
    Therefore, LAG is not for failover of LACP.

    Hopefully this explains your question.

    BTW, this forum is for home devices, for our business model devices such as GS1900 series, you may seek our biz forum. Thanks!


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  • Thank you. We are upgrading a FreeNAS system to the latest version which reportedly requires active mode LACP, so your reply is helpful. Will check the businessforum link in the future (but the device is being used at