ATP500 Loosing connection during connectivity-check

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All -

I'm using an ATP500 and have 2 internet providers on the backend (working from home requires good connectivity!)

A few times a day I lose connectivity for ~60 seconds - not failover - I simply lose it. Looking at the logs i don't see any loss of connection to the Internet, but I always see a:

ge3 routing status is set to ACTIVE by connectivity-check 

At the same time as my outage. I don't see any routing set to INACTIVE at all (not sure if I should). 

I've configured my ge2 (AT&T) and ge3 (Comcast) to enable the connectivity-check using ICMP, 60 seconds period, 10 seconds timeout, fail tolerance of 3. I'm checking (level 3) and (google DNS - I know, I know, should not, but everyone does). Probe succeeds when "any one" responds. 

Again, I'm not seeing anything in the log that the checks are failing, but when I have a hiccup I do see the "ge3 set to ACTIVE"  in the logs. I'm doing a ton of web meetings, and this keep forcing me to drop to rejoin. 

I had a similar setup with an older Zyxel firewall (USG310) without issue. 

Please let me know if someone has thoughts on what I can do to resolve this. Thanks in advance!


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