Next gen USG IKEv2 setup for Iphone connection

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Good morning,

I'm seaching the web and trying for a week now to get a IKEv2 VPN working for a connection with USG210 and a a mobile device (Iphone)

Got a IKEv2 site to site VPN working with the USG60 and the USG210.

But i'm not able to get a IKEv2 connection working to a mobile device, find different documentation online, and tried a lot, but without succes.

Is there from Zyxel maybe a recent document for the next gen USG's for a IKEv2 VPN setup with mobile devices (IOS)   only document i find is for a IKEv2 vpn with a windows device.

Now i'm using a L2TP VPN, that works oke, but I want to try the IKEv2.


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