USG20 passwd change prompt not accepting pass

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I regularly log in to my USG20-VPN web config using Chrome and lastpass plugin. I am on latest (or near latest) firmware.

On my recent web login (this is important, USG accepts my first login at the landing page), USG forced me to change password. I entered old password many ways (copy from lastpass to clipboard, manually type in, etc), however USG is not accepting it. I have increased complexity of new password also, no luck.

Curiously, my current/existing password is exactly 63 characters, the limit for the new password. Is there some bug here perhaps in this change page/prompt in accepting 63 char passwords? (existing). 

I would prefer not to have to reset my router for seemingly no reason on my part. I do not have SSH enabled, however could use console if possible (please advice is this prompt also present at terminal or do I simply need to manually force change via console to get around this?)

Thanks for any suggestions.

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