NWA1123-AC HD - unable to access after any changes

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NWA1123-AC HD PRO - trying to set this up.  I am connected to my home network - making a few settings before setting up at work.  If I try to change the basic ssid password - it is then impossible to connect to via wi fi.  In fact the router is then impossible to connect to - period - even via a direct cable connection.

I was able to connect via - any changes breaks this connection.  

I have only just received this product and have had to reset it multiples times.  Certainly not instilling too much confidence in using this in a work environment.

A single step away from returning this and looking for something a little less problematic.

Any suggestions anyone, please?


  • Hedy
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    It is weird that wifi will be down after changing the ssid password. Any special character in your ssid password? You also mentioned "any changes breaks this connection". What's the change?
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    I also have one NWA1123-AC HD in my office, but it works find.
    Do you confirm the Ethernet traffic? If the Ethernet traffic has problem, the wireless traffic will also has problem even you reset AP many times.  

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    Hi @wmike ,

    Changing the SSID and password would not cause the Ethernet interface connection loss unless you change the managed VLAN ID or IP. 
    I test the AP with your description, like change SSID and password, set the AP's IP to or let AP be a DHCP client. There is problem for stations connecting the Wi-Fi.
    As I know, some Apple devices have wireless connection failed after the password change. It needs to reset the network profile to solve the issue.

    To help you solve the question, could you provide the configuration or screenshot the setting before you apply the configuration? I want to know what kinds of setting you change?