New VLANs refusing to work

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I have an issue configuring a *new* VLAN on my GS1900-24E (2.50 firmware). Another VLAN on the switch are already working, working fine, and stable. The new VLAN just *refuses* to work: no network connectivity at all. Nothing happens. Everything is configured precisely as the other working VLAN. 

Configuration of the working VLAN: 
VLAN: 12 (IOT)
Port: 1, 2 (accept all frame types, disable ingress check, disable vlan trunk)
VLAN Port:
- port 1,2 > Untagged
- port 24 (pfSense router) > Tagged
- all other ports: Excluded

Configuration of the NON working VLAN: 
Port: 14, 15 (accept all frame types, disable ingress check, disable vlan trunk)
VLAN Port: 
- port 14,15 > Untagged 
- port 24 (pfSense router) > Tagged
- all other ports: Excluded

My router is pfSense. When I plug my PC into port 1 or 2, I immediately get an IP address in the *.*.12.* range. When I plug my PC into port 14 or 15 on the switch, nothing happens: no connectivity. pfSense does not provide an IP, but when there's no connectivity, how could it ? I really suspect the problem is the switch, and VLAN is bugged somehow. Does anybody recognize this problem, and what could I do to solve it? workaround it? or to debug it further?

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    Hi @BrightWolf

    Do you mean that when PC connect to port 14 or 15 it can't receive IP X.X.140.X?
    If yes, I have tried to do a local lab based on your description and the VLAN works normally.
    Therefore, may I know did you configure PVID 140 on port 14 or 15?
    Besides, do you have the subnet of VLAN 140 on DHCP server that can distribute IP X.X.140.?

    Best regards,
  • BrightWolf
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    Hi @Zyxel_Derrick

    Thanks for your answer, and I was starting to type that I have the pfSense router configured with a VLAN, an interface for that VLAN and a DHCP server for that interface. I have set up everything precisely the same as the other -working- VLAN. I was going to type that for the working VLAN, that I configured 6 months ago and that is working, that I have even documented the setup process.

    That reminded me... I just had a quick look at my own documentation of that time and then realised that I forgot one step. I followed a VLAN guide on the internet but should have followed my own guide. I forgot to add the switch config on the router (tagging of the router ports, Interfaces > Switches in pfSense). Now I have added that and all is working fine. (feeling a bit stupid here, but also relieved that this is solved. Cost me 3 hours yesterday night).

    So, thanks again! And best regards,