GS1900-8HP/10HP - automatic password reset?

FriBi Posts: 2  Freshman Member
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We've have a GS1900-8HP and a -10HP in use. From time to time the items reset their password by their own! Means, when I try to log in with the user defined password it does not work anymore. Instead the standard password is active. Also the factory setting is in use. Why? There is no access to the hardware for anybody. So noone could have pressed a reset. Nevertheless the items are on factory setting. Why?

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  • Kim
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    Did you save your configuration after configuring it?
  • FriBi
    FriBi Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Sure. Did the settings. Loged out. Loged in again. Password and settings as set. After a few days/weeks factory settings... No clue, what is the base for this? 
  • Sakura_T
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    I think what @Kim said is to press "save button" after you did the setting, did you?