SBG3500-N Point-to-Point

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I was wondering if I can use two SBG3500-N for Point-to-Point vdsl2 connection?

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  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    Hello Gruby,
    " Point-to-Point vdsl2 connection"~~Do you want to establish VPN connection via VDSL2?
    Please share more information and details of your scenario.

  • Gruby
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    Hi Charlie,

    I was thinking to connect two sites via vdsl2. I had two of those modems P-871M but one is faulty. I had two sites connected via vdsl, can I establish same connection with SBG-3500-N? What's the best way to achieve this? VPN?
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    I checked the datasheet and it seems the SBG does not support this kind of feature and the other vdsl models do not support,too
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