Usg vpn site to site UP but not working

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I have a vpn site to site with usg110 and usg 210. Vpn bring UP but not working any connection. I follow some guide on internet. In these guide there aren't firewall rule or nat rule. I think that this is a problem.


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    Following some guides found on Internet is probably not a very good starting point: why not simply start with official ZyXEL KB Articles as foundation for your configurations? it's the path I personally prefer.

    As example:
    • ZyXEL IPSec VPN Site to Site (Static IP Public addresses) KB Article
    • ZyXEL VTI VPN Site to Site (Static IP Public addresses) KB Article <-- if you have both USG with 4.20 or newer you can use VTI instead of more common IPSec approach (useful if you are planning in near/far future to perform VPN tunnel balancing over two WAN interfaces on each side).
    I used the ZyXEL VTI approach without any issue between USG110, USG40 and USG60 since 4.20 firmware release.
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    @parnassus, Thanks for your sharing.

    Hello Roma123,
    I want to confirm that is your topology like  
    USG110--(VPN connection)---internet---(VPN connection)--USG210?
    You can follow the configuration which parnassus shared, and here is the similar example of VPN from FAQ as your reference. 

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