Allowing Skype only in specific countries

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First of all, i know Skype is pretty clever application to go through firewalls, and to be able to reach the person you want to make the call.

What I'm looking for is to a configuration, which allows Skype connections only to the country I live, let's called country X. Connections to all the other countries should be denied. I understand that Skype can also use other clients as proxies, but in all the cases, i would like to allow the first proxy connection to be within the country I like, the country X and denying all the other connections to other countries.

I have CF2 and IDP licenses activated in USG40. 

Thank's for you help


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    Hello kelmi,
    USG Series do not support to limit skype connection (allow or deny)on specific countries.
    I would like to move your request to the ideas section.

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