Using a wildcard SSL certificate for Zywall 1100's web interface

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Hi all,
 Is there a way to import an already-generated wildcard certificate into Zywall 1100 to serve as the SSL cert for its https interface? Everytime I try to import the cert, I get a response that the original CSR is not present. It was actually generated on a different machine and hence unavailable here.
Any clues on how to get it working?

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  • OneZyUser
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    Thanks @zyman2008 I did that, but right after I did it, the web interface became unavailable until I reverted back to the old (URL specific certificate). 

    Is there any thing else that is needed when the certificate has is wildcard?

  • OneZyUser
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    Nevermind my last reply...
    The first time, I generated a pkcs12 file with both the cert and CAcert bundled together. 
    After some thought, I imported the CA cert separately (the direct crt file I got from namecheap) and generated a pkcs12 with only the wild card crt file. This did the trick.

    Thanks again to @zyman2008 for the advice.

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