GS1200-8 VLAN set up (Firmware V1.00(ABME.5)C0)

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This is my first time ever configuring a managed switch and I'm struggling to get it to work. All i've change so far is the IP Address, password and name. I've attempted to configure a seperate Vlan for the PC on Port 8 by setting ports 1-7 as untagged members on VLAN1 and setting Port 1 (the router) as tagged on a vlan 3 with port 8 as an untagged member and the PVID for port 8 set to 3. Googling got me this far. The problem I have, however, is that the machine on Port 8 then has no internet. It comes up as unidentified network, no internet. Where am I going wrong? 

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  • Neil Simmonds
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    I should have mentioned, The router connects to Port1 of the GS1200 and nothing else so all traffic goes through the GS1200 
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    Let's just deal with port 1  and   port 8  . . .

    Port 8  VLAN3 PVID 3   (Untagged)

    Port 1  VLAN1 PVID 1   (Untagged)
                VLAN3 Tagged

    That should work.

    If you're not getting internet, I'd suspect the router settings.

    The port on your router must have similar settings as your Port 1 settings.

    i.e., your router must be set for VLAN1    (Tagged, or Untagged - shouldn't matter)
                                                  and VLAN3  (Tagged)

    . . .and of course you'll need separate NAT/Firewall rules for both VLANS.

    How is your router set up right now?

  • Neil Simmonds
    Neil Simmonds Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Completely forgot to reply to this but just to say thanks for the answer, that led me in the right direction and the realisation that the issue was at the router which doens't support Vlans. The GS1200 went back  to amazon and I added a wifi repeater to allow me to connect the dvice I wanted to isolate to the guest wifi.