switch is invisible to USG

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So I have this problem.  My NetGear Smart Manage Plus switch receives an IP address when I put in on my home network with Xfinity Gateway router, but when I put it behind my Zyxel USG60, it's invisible. The USG60 receives an IP address from my xfinity Gateway router, but never sees the switch and never gives the switch an IP address even though DHCP service is on.  I know this because when I connect a wifi access point to the switch, the USG60 gives the WAP an IP address!!  I've tried all sorts of discovery tools/commands, and the switch is not on the network with an IP Address as long as it is behind the USG60.  Traffic passes through the switch from the USG to the WAP, but I can not reach the switch config page with any ip address (because it doesn't exist). But I can reach the WAP and browse to its config page with an IP address from the browser.  What am I missing?

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