iPhones can connect to WIFI but don't get internet access.

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We're running a USG Flex 500 and are using an IPV4 MAC-IP list to register new devices to our WIFI network. Every device except iPhones can connect to the network and access the web without a problem. Does anyone have an idea why it's only with iPhones?


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    Assuming you have DHCP turned on with the USG Flex, check the amount of time you are allowing.  iPhones prefer infinite, but otherwise should be 90 days or greater iirc.
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    Thank you for your reply.
    There are some questions we need to clarify:
    (1) What is the firmware version of USG Flex 500?
    (2) What is the WiFi AP manufacturer and model name?
    (3) What is the iPhone model name and OS version?
    (4) Where is the IPv4 MAC binding configuration you set on? USG Flex 500 or WiFi AP?
    (5) Could you provide the sniffer packet, log when symptom appears, and startup-config.conf of USG Flex 500 and iPhone mac address to me via private message? 
    P.S. you can sniffer packet on Web GUI path: Maintenance > Packet Capture

    P.S. You can screenshot log on Web GUI path: Monitor > Log

    P.S. You can download startup-config.conf on Web GUI path: Maintence > File Manager > Configuration File > Configuration > Download startup-config.conf

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