Routing between NXC2500 and USG210

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I would like to build a network with dynamic VLAN's based on 802.1X. Network topology looks like this

I have:
- USG210
- NXC2500
- GS1920-24Hv2
- 4x WAC6303D-S

On USG210 I have a few Site 2 Site to AWS and Azure clouds. The old network topology has no VLANS and all traffic from local networks was routed to AWS / Azure. 

All addresses in security groups, ACLs, routes tables have IPs from VLAN10 ( When I add NXC2500 between USG210 and GS1920 the routing stop working. 

My first idea is to set up NAT Many 1:1 NAT for  incoming traffic from VLAN10  and use the same IP range as the mapped IPs range.

Should it start working? Do you have other ideas how to solve the issue?  

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