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I need the procedure to recover a NWA5123-AC which has been restarted during firmware update.


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  • Paradeiser
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    After the latest firmware update V6.10(AAZY.10)  Patch 10 one of my NWA5123-AC also seemed bricked.
    I had to use the reset button on the back.

    Now it's showing the green LED but still my Controller (Zywall110) shows it as off-line?

    Also, some of my WLAN clients (connected to the remaining APs) didn't get an IP assignment by the DHCP anymore.

    This update broke my network.

    Anyone else having issues?
  • Zyxel_Bella
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    Hi @Paradeiser


    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    Can you provide NWA5123-AC are controlled by Zywall110 upgraded from which version to V6.10(AAZY.10)?

    Do you see the DHCP IP for wireless clients related logs on Zywall110?

    If the clients can't get IP assignment by the DHCP it will show logs, please provide to us. Thanks.




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