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Hi everyone, I have 5 GS1920-24 switches connected together in lacp with ports 25 26 27 and 28.
 In the company I have a Huawei router where 2 cables, data and voice start, without Vlan;  the data cable acts as a dhcp server on the 192.168.1.x subnet while the voice cable acts as a dhcp server on the 192.168.7.x subnet.
 Now I need to create a Vlan for the voice and assign the same Vlan to the ports where the phones will be connected in order to receive an IP 192.168.7.x from the voice dhcp.  Also, I would like that, if I connect a pc to the phone's "PC" port, it can receive an ip from the data dhcp.
 This must also be reported on the other switches.
 What is the best procedure to avoid mistakes?  Maybe if you can also send some pictures of the switch menu, I would be extremely grateful.  Thanks a lot to everyone

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  • Zyxel_Adam
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    Hi @Vettalex ,

    Yes, you will need to configure voice VLAN to all the GS1920 switches you have.

    For configuring LACP, please refer to the following image:
    (Path: Advanced Application > Link Aggregation >  Link Aggregation Setting)

    Create T1 and T2, and add port 27,28 to T1, port 25,26 to T2. 

    Click LACP button above to active LACP and LACP on T1 and T2.

    After completing these steps, you must configure all the IP phone connected ports and port 25-28 to fixed port on VLAN 7 on GS1920 switches.


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  • Zyxel_Adam
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    Hi @Vettalex,

    Since your voice vlan is on vlan 7, so you need to configure voice vlan on GS1920 switches. 
    Before do this settings, you should add vlan 7 first. 

    I connect IP phone on port 2 and L3 switch(as router) to port 5 as example below.
    (Path: Advanced Application > VLAN > VLAN Configuration > Static VLAN Setup)

    Then you need to configure voice vlan setting, please refer to below image:
    (Path: Advanced Application > VLAN > VLAN Configuration > Voice VLAN Setup) 

    In this step, enable voice vlan on vlan 7, and fill in OUI address of your IP phone. 

    After finishing all the settings, your IP phone should be able to get 192.168.7.x ip address, and the PC connect to the IP phone is able to get IP 192.168.1.x

    Hope it helps,
  • ok, thanks for the reply. I have 5 GS1920 switches, all identical, and the phones are connected to almost all switches. The switches between them are connected with 2 lacp cables on port 25-26 and 27-28. Now the configuration you described to me, do I have to do it on all the switches? How should I set the ports T1 and T2, that is the bearing LACP on ports 25 26 and 27 28?
  • thanks for the help, last question, how do i tag a port both tagged 7 and untagged 1?
  • Zyxel_Adam
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    Hi @Vettalex,

    For your question, you should now have 2 VLAN on the "Static VLAN" page, such as the image below.

    I use port 5 as an example in this case, 
    Note:The default port setting of VLAN 1 should be untagged.

    Click VLAN 7, select port 5 to fixed and TX Tagging.

    The port 5 should be untagged 1 and tagged 7 now.

  • Vettalex
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    Hi everyone, hi Adam.
    I made this configuration, however, since the router did NOT set a vlan, I had to set the switch port connected to the router, untagged.
    - So, I set all the ports tag7 and untag1;
    - The switch port connected to the data router as "Normal" vlan7 and fixed untag1
    - The switch port connected to the Voice router as "Normal" vlan1 and fixed untag7

    With this configuration everything works correctly for me:
    I set the WAN port of the phone with IDVLAN7 tag and the LAN port IDVLAN1 untag, I connect it to "any" port of the switch, the phone assumes the IP 192.168.7.x and the PC is connected to the LAN of the phone 192.168.1.x

    Now, since I have 5 switches connected to each other via LACP with T1 and T2, how should I set the T1 and T2 ports to pass ALL the created Vlans?