L2TP VPN through Internet Router with dynamic public IP

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I am setting up a VPN on a USG60 (firmware 4.60) with the following scenario:

ISP Internet Router WAN IP: [WANRouter_Dymaic_IP] dynamic
ISP Internet Router LAN IP: [LANRouter_IP] static

USG60 WAN IP: [USGWAN] static

Ports 1701, 500, etc point to the USG
Internet ISP connection is under NAT

VPN works if I use this configuratión...

    VPN->IPSec VPN->Edit VPN Connection [VPN01_Conexion_VPN] -> Politica -> Política Local -> HOST, [WANRouter_Dymaic_IP]

... but: How can I configure the firewall so that the VPN works with the dynamic public IP of the router?

Thank you

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    After talking to support it seems that the solution has been to create a HOST with the IP and assign this host to "VPN -> IPSec VPN -> Editing VPN Connection -> Policy -> Local Policy" it seems to be working and you can now connect to the VPN.
    Thanks to Zyxel and especially to Maria for helping me over the phone


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