Looking for a Zyxel network expert available to contract to help fix a "broken" network

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My company has deployed a network with approximately 10 switches and 23 access points with the help of a network expert who has been contracting with us.  It is a complex deployment with multiple VLANs.  I think we have reached the limit of this "expert's" expertise.  We have most of the VLANs working but keep going back and forth burning hours trying to get one particular VLAN stable that has multicast devices on it. This has been going on for several weeks and the system is at a hotel with guests so working on a live network has been difficult.  The only troubleshooting approach our contractor wants to use is to shut the entire network down for extended periods of time which can't be done with guests at the hotel.  The network supports AppleTV units in each guest room that runs custom software to stream live TV.  We can't shut down the network in a situation like this.

There are several 1900 series switches that are managed on Nebula along with TWO XGS-3700s and a single XGS-2210 switch.  If anyone out there on this forum considers themselves to be an expert please contact me.

My email is pbarron@multimediasolutionsgroup.com

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    Hi @patrick_in_dfw ,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    May you help to share more details of your scenario? So other users on community can understand and join this thread to discuss with you.
    The details may include:
    1. Draw a simple topology of your network.(Like how you connect your Switch, APs and Apple TVs, better to have port number and IP address)
    2. What VLAN is the steaming using?
    3. What actually the symptom is?
    4. Does your Switches enable IGMP snooping? 
    Since you mentioned that you have Nebula devices in your network, please also enable Zyxel Support at Help > Support request page and share the organization/site name if those Switches also play as important role in your scenario.

    Of course, you don't need to share any private information on the forum due to security concern.
    For the email address, I recommend you editing the post and remove it, or I will help you edit it after one week.  :)