GS1500-24P loses configuration after short power outage

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Good evening,

I now own my GS1500-24P (V1.00(BPW.2)) for several years now. Since some days it loses its configuration every time I take off the power cable. I wonder if there is a battery or something which should make the switch keep the configuration in its mind?

At the moment the only way for me to help myself is logging in with default credentials, changing the ip and restoring the config via tftp.

Can You please help me healing my switch from amnesia?



  • JasonTsai
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    Hi @PC_Netzwerke,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    Since GS1500-24P is End of Life already, I hope the following may help you:
    Our switch doesn't have a battery inside, but if you click "Apply" everytime done modifying the settings in a screen, you will save your changes to the switch. The switch should keep the configuration although you power off the switch.

    If you have already done the action above, I think the device may be too old to work normally.
    I suggest you may buy a new one to replace it.

    You may refer to our website for other model. :)

    Hope it helps.
  • Stampeder
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    I have the same problem with my GS-1910-hp. Planned obsolescene?

    Don't think I'll buy another Zyxel. Never could find a manual for the version of software on mine. Not impressed with the lack of support.

  • Zyxel_Arisa
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    Hi @Stampeder

    First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience you met.

    For GS-1910 series, instead of user guide, we provided dedicated document for introducing Web GUI enhancement since there is huge design change of Web GUI in v2.0 firmware. This document is included in v2.0 firmware package. I also attached here for your reference.

    If you have any questions when using Zyxel devices, please feel free to post it here and we are always here to provide strong support :-)

    Best Wishes,


  • imaohw
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    I have many GS1910 switches running v2.0 firmware. The document you posted shows screens that are not for the GS1910.

    For example, on page 14, Vlan configuration, the GS1910 V2.0 firmware does not have a “Mode” drop down or a Vlan Trunking check box. Both of which are shown in the example.

  • Zyxel_Arisa
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    Hi @imaohw

    Regarding the VLAN configuration on GS1910, please refer to following topic:

    If you have any other question about configuration on GS1910, please post it here and we will answer you 😃

    Best Wishes,


  • imaohw
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    @Zyxel_Arisa - Thank you for the information but I don’t need help configuring Vlans on the GS1910.

    I was pointing out that the documentation you are suggesting people use to understand how to configure a GS1910 switch running V2.0 firmware has significant errors in it.

    I was using Vlans as an example. When I first upgraded my GS1910 switches to V2.0 (many years ago) and read the included document, which you referred to in this post, it had me confused. It shows a screen which uses the concept of trunks ports for Vlans. A concept most switches use (including most Zyxel switches).

    However the GS1910 did not use trunk ports in any of the V1 firmware versions and it still did not in the V2.0 firmware.

    Referring people to that document which is incorrect will probably only serve to confuse them. Maybe Zyxel should correct the errors in the document before suggesting people use it. It would helped me if the document was accurate.