VMG3313-B10A and VMG3312 series sometimes reseting!

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Hi, greetings from Turkey.

This modem automatically reboots! All lights are off and after restarting, the power light flashes and turns on normally, the modem starts working normally after about 1 minute.

It usually does this restart at different times during the day when I am connected to the web interface (usually on the status page) while navigating through the interface.

There is no area in the device where the errors or logs that occur are recorded, if I can get their logs, maybe it would be more helpful. I think the device is either overheating or has a software problem.

You can see the records in a general site where electronic device users write their complaints in our country, that similar malfunctions of similar vmg3312 model modems, which are similar to this and its derivatives, are experienced in our country. https://www.sikayetvar.com/zyxel/b10a

Your support point in our country does not help much in this regard.

Hope you can help as soon as possible, thank you in advance.

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    Hi Sir,

    According to your firmware version, that is for TTnet.
    Please directly contact your local support.

    Here are my suggestions:
    1. If you only encountered this problem recently, maybe reset your device will help.
    2. Ask your local support to replace new VMG3313
    3. if you agree to open device housing, please contact your local support helping you to collect console logs.
    all error logs will print on that.
  • It is the biggest company that provides the internet infrastructure of our country, but it can be said that the company that causes the biggest problems, unfortunately. Because the company that sells these models and zyxel tr is a partner and it can be seen in the link I gave, unfortunately, these problems are not solved. Still, thank you for your advice.