XGS1210-12 - 2.5G ports dropping intermittently

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Hi! I recently got a XGS1210-12 for my home lab environment and have been using it to upgrade the bandwidth between my devices.

One thing I've started to notice in the logs however are that both 2.5G ports seem to lose link simultaniously and get it back a few seconds later. This seems to occur about 2-3 times an hour and does not seem to be related to load. 

Are there additional troubleshooting steps I can do or have I had the misfortune of getting a bad unit? 

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  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @Lenin

    Welcom to zyxel community.
    First, thanks for choosing XGS1210-12.

    here is the troubleshooting steps may help you to figure out the problem.
    First, check the ethernet cable condition or replace a new one for testing.
    Second, change the speed-duplex to other speed(1000/100) to check if other speed have the same problem.
    Third, do some crosstest by moving to the other port and verify if the 2.5G problem still exist. 

    Hope it will help
  • Lenin
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    I believe I've got issues someplace else, since the 2.5g adapters cause the same issue when connected to themselves. Since no other device is experiencing the issue I would assume the problem lies there rather than the switch